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Feel the festive vibes with Christmas gift cakes in Delhi NCR

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Feel the festive vibes with Christmas gift cakes in Delhi NCR

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Wow! The year’s merriest time has arrived. Many of us have already started shopping. Some of us have also made our travel plans.

What about the X’mas gifts for your loved ones?

Choosing a gift is always confusing. Let’s make it easier for you.

Tuileries brings you Christmas gifts cake in Delhi NCR. There are also many cakes crafted to celebrate this festive season.

Eggless Tuileries Christmas Wreath Entremet

Indulge in the delicious flavours of this multi-layered entremet. The flavour pairing of passionfruit & fresh strawberries with a crunchy layer of hazelnut makes it a must-try. All these flavours are enclosed in Belgian white chocolate mousse. The top layers of Belgian dark chocolate ganache & fresh strawberries with cocoa spray add the festive vibes to your cake. Ready for the celebration? Grab this cake for Rs. 2,200 (1000-1100 grams). By the way, this is one of our bestselling winter flavors cakes in Delhi NCR.


Tuilleries Christmas Celebration Cake

What do you get by mixing milk chocolate, roasted almonds, mixed berries & molasses? The perfect Christmas Celebration cake. This moist & fragrant cake travel cake is synonymous with the spirit of Christmas. And it’s our favourite, too! The best part is that this cake has a shelf life of 2 to 3 days if properly refrigerated. This means the festivities will go on even after X’mas. For a 1000-1100 gram of this Christmas bakery cake in Delhi NCR, you need to pay Rs. 1,900.


Box of Christmas treats

How about an assortment of four Christmas treats in a box. You will find:

  • Belgian dark chocolate pastry
  • Toffee & butterscotch pastry
  • Belgian chocolate & almond pastry
  • Granola & berries pound cake

This is one of our most loved treats boxes. You can get one for yourself or those special people in your life. The cost of this yummy gift is Rs. 1,200. The weight of each Christmas treat is 120 grams.


You will also find New Year’s cake in Delhi NCR. Order these cakes today online:
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