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Thanks for loving our fresh Christmas bakery cakes!

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Thanks for loving our fresh Christmas bakery cakes!

This year’s Christmas was special for us. So much merriment and so many gifts.

The most special gift we received was your love for our Christmas bakery cakes in Delhi NCR. Some of you appreciated the designs, while the others loved the unique flavours.

Many people also sent Christmas gift cakes in Delhi NCR. Their loved ones rejoiced on receiving them.

Well, as they say: The celebrations aren’t over yet.

You can still enjoy our winter flavors cake in Delhi NCR.

We believe you will find our Winter Yin-Yan cake delectable.

What makes it so special?

The pairing of two different chocolates.

The inner layer is made of Belgian dark chocolate mousse & fresh strawberry insert. Then, our chefs envelope it with velvety layers of Belgian white choco mousse.


Isn’t it the best of both worlds? By the way, we spray it with cocoa spray and finish it off with fresh strawberries. Get it for Rs. 2000 (800-900 grams). It’s a perfect New Year’s cake in Delhi NCR. Or any other special occasion.


You can also check our Winter Charlotte Cake. Call it the winter edition of Charlotte Series, one of our most popular cake styles.


Imagine the classical French cake that combines moist chocolate sponge, hand-dipped lady fingers sponge, vanilla mousse, and Belgian white chocolate. What makes it special is the finishing of fresh-strawberry compote and fresh whole strawberries. Get it for Rs. 2100 (1 kg). Another delectable option to make your parties joyous.


There are many other options you will find delicious. Ready to order the New Year’s cake in Delhi or nearby area?


Here’s the link for ordering it today:
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