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Rakhi Special Menu

Celebrate Rakhi with hand crafted baked goodies and cakes from Tuileries Patisserie.


Please note Rakhi is a busy time for logistics, we request you to prior place your order to plan logistics for your orders. Please opt for one day in advance delivery or at store pickup to avoid delays. 


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Eggless Crunchy Nougat (1000-1100 grams)

₹ 2,400.00

Layers of Belgian Gold chocolate and creamcheese, with crunchy hazelnut chocolate and biscoff and mango spread and soft vanilla sponge. This cake is a flavor delight and so delicious you wouldn't stop at one bite, we promise. Ingredients: Callebeaut Gold Chocolate , Cream cheese Sugar, flour (GLUTEN), cream , water, butter , hazelnut, Fresh mango, biscoff. Allergens: Gluten, Nut, DairyStorage and Consumption Advice: ...

Berry Charlotte (650-700 grams)

₹ 1,800.00

Tuileries Patisserie presents the our special "Berry Charlotte Cake". The classical French cake with iconic hand pipped lady fingers sponge, moist chocolate sponge, Belgian dark and white chocolate mousse inserts and fresh raspberry compote, finished off with Belgian dark chocolate ganache, and Belgian white chocolate mousse raspberry garnishes. ❤️🍓   Ingredients: White Chocolate (23%) Sugar, flour (GLUTEN), egg, cream, butter, cocoa...

Eggless Festive Pastry Box (100 Grams each)

₹ 1,500.00

Assortment of four eggless pastries in one box. This box includes one of each flavour pastry:- Peach Melba  - Vanilla & Raspberry - Caramel and Cream cheese - Chocolate TruffleThis is a pre set box and repeating or replacing of items can not be done.Please note, we recommend a pickup for this box as there is a high chances of spillage during...

Eggless Mango and Raspberry Cheesecake (600-650 grams)

₹ 1,800.00

This is a cream cheese entremet. Tangy pairing raspberry with fresh mango compote  with very addictive cream cheese mousse, and soft vanilla sponge. Finished off with festive bright yellow and pink cocoa spray. (please note digital colours vary actual food colours)  Ingredients: Callebeaut White Chocolate (30%) Cream cheese Sugar, wheat flour (GLUTEN), cream , water, butter , Raspberry, Fresh mangoAllergens:...

Tuileries Rakhi Hamper

₹ 1,900.00

This Rakhi, celebrate your joyous moments of love and bond among siblings with a hand crafted hamper filled with French baked goodies by Tuileries Patisserie.Contents of the Tuileries Rakhi Hamper : French Hearts (Palmier Cookies: 2 pieces) Twice baked Almond Croissant (1 piece) Twice Baked Vegetarian Savoury Croissant (1 piece) Oregano Crackers (100 grams) Granola Tea cake (300 grams) Traditional Rakhi (1 piece)...