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Cheese Cake


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Egg-less Strawberry Cheesecake (650-700 grams)

₹ 1,600.00

Fresh Strawberries and cream cheese, a pairing made in heaven! This is a set and cold creamcheese entremet. Tangy pairing fresh strawberries compote with very addictive creamcheese mousse, and soft vanilla sponge.Finished off with vibrant cocoa butter spray of red colour and fresh strawberries .  Serving instructions: Upon arrival keep the cake refrigerated for 60-70 minutes before consumption. Prone to melting (store...

Eggless Belgian Dark chocolate Cheesecake (1000-1100 grams)

₹ 2,100.00

Our Egg-less Belgian chocolate Cheesecake, Belgian Dark chocolate and cream cheese mousse paired with moist chocolate sponge sitting on a delicious egg less almond sable finished off with Belgian chocolate glaze and edible gold foil. . The most divine chocolate cheesecake ever. Ingredients: Belgian dark chocolate, vanilla, flour (GLUTEN), milk, butter, cream cheese, almond powder. Allergens: Gluten, Nut, DairyStorage and...