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Summer and Spring Menu


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"No mousse" Mango and Vanilla Cake (1000-1100 grams)

₹ 2,000.00

Tuileries  Patisserie presents our "No mousse"  Mango and Vanilla Cake. This is a travel/ Dry cake. Moist vanilla fragrant sponge, with mango compote paired with vanilla pastry cream. Please note finial finishing with fresh mango is subject to availability and seasonality. For all those who  prefer a non mousse cake. Perfect with a cup of tea/coffee  Shelf Life 2-3 days if...

Tuileries Eggless Mango Bûche (Yule Log Cake) (1000-1100 grams)

₹ 2,300.00

Eggless Belgian white chocolate and Vanilla mousse with fresh mango compote and vanilla sponge along with fresh mango as garnishes. Finished off with a bright yellow cocoa spray. Ingredients: Fresh mango, vanilla, wheat flour (GLUTEN), milk, butter, water, butter, white chocolate. Allergens: Gluten, Nut, DairyStorage and Consumption Advice:  Upon arrival keep the cake refrigerated for 60-70 minutes before consumption. Prone to melting (store...

Eggless Box of Four Mango Treats

₹ 1,400.00

Assortment of four Mango treats in one box. This box includes one of each: - Biscoff & mango pastry - Vanilla & mango pastry - Berries & mango pastry - Mango & creamcheese pastry This is a pre set box and repeating or replacing of items can not be done. Ingredients: Fresh mango, vanilla, wheat flour (GLUTEN), milk, butter, water, butter,...

Eggless Mango and Vanilla Entremet (1000 grams)

₹ 2,200.00

This summer season, enjoy this delicate mousse cake from Tuileries. Light and fluffy eggless Madagascar vanilla mousse with mango compote , layers of moist sponge and finished off with yellow mirror glaze. Ingredients: Sugar, wheat flour (GLUTEN), cream, water, butter, Vanilla, Fresh MangoAllergens: Gluten, Nut, DairyStorage and Consumption Advice: Please make sure to consume this cake the same day For Delhi and NCR -...

Eggless Biscoff & Mango Entremet (1000 grams)

₹ 2,500.00

Bringing the most loved Biscoff flavour with seasonal mangoes in modern French entremet style. Callebaut Gold Chocolate and cream cheese mousse paired with the Lotus Biscoff spread and fresh mango compote along with eggless vanilla sponge layers.  This is a pure indulgence.  Storage and Consumption Advice: Upon arrival keep the cake refrigerated for 60-70 minutes before consumption. Prone to melting (store in a...

Eggless Mango and Raspberry Cheesecake (600-650 grams)

₹ 1,800.00

This is a cream cheese entremet. Tangy pairing raspberry with fresh mango compote  with very addictive cream cheese mousse, and soft vanilla sponge. Finished off with festive bright yellow and pink cocoa spray. (please note digital colours vary actual food colours)  Ingredients: Callebeaut White Chocolate (30%) Cream cheese Sugar, wheat flour (GLUTEN), cream , water, butter , Raspberry, Fresh mangoAllergens:...