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Valentine's Day Special Menu

Celebrate the day of love with Valentine's Day Special Menu from Tuileries Patisserie. Express your love and feelings to your partner with an amazing Valentine's Day Special range from Tuileries Patisserie.


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Eggless Love Cake (Caramel And Roasted Almonds) (600-650 gram)

₹ 1,800.00

Tuileries Love cake in Belgian white chocolate and Vanilla mousse with caramel filing and crunchy roasted almonds flavor. Please note that the flowers garnishes are non edible and hence need to be removed at the time of consumption. The color of garnishes and cake cocoa spray will vary as per the availibity each day. (Please note digital colours vary from...

Eggless Festive Love Cake (Crunchy Nougat) (600-650 gram)

₹ 2,000.00

Tuileries presents Festive Love cake in layers of Belgian Gold chocolate and creamcheese, with crunchy hazelnut chocolate and biscoff and soft vanilla sponge. This cake is a flavor delight and so delicious you wouldn't stop at one bite, we promise. Final finish with mini mousse hearts, and dual festive shades of cocoa spray. Ingredients: White Chocolate (30%) Milk Chocolate (33%) Sugar, wheat...