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An entremet is a Modern European cake composed of multiple components assembled into layers, encased in a mousse, enrobed with a glaze and topped with fine decorations. Entremets come in all different colours, shapes and sizes and can showcase a variety of flavour combinations.

Making an entremet requires the precise execution of many traditional French pastry techniques. Entremets are an impressive and delectable dessert and would be perfect to celebrate a special occasion. 


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Tuileries Eggless Fruit Box

₹ 1,800.00

This summer season, Tuileries reimagined their individual sized pastries. We are pleased to introduce , Tuileries Eggless Fruit Box. This box includes four assorted pastries, reimagined as fruits. -Strawberry and Vanilla-Mango and Cream cheese -Berries and Dark Chocolate -Orange and Vanilla   This is a pre set box and repeating or replacing of items can not be done. The garnishes...

Eggless Festive Pastry Box (100 Grams each)

₹ 1,500.00

Assortment of four eggless pastries in one box. This box includes one of each flavour pastry:- Orange & Vanilla  - Vanilla & Raspberry - Caramel and Cream cheese - Chocolate TruffleThis is a pre set box and repeating or replacing of items can not be done.Please note, we recommend a pickup for this box as there is a high chances of spillage...